Graph Algorithms

Parallel graph coloring algorithms for distributed GPU environments
A Block-Based Triangle Counting Algorithm on Heterogeneous Environments
EXAGRAPH: Graph and combinatorial methods for enabling exascale applications
Kokkos Kernels: Performance Portable Sparse/Dense Linear Algebra and Graph Kernels
Performance-portable graph coarsening for efficient multilevel graph analysis
Sphynx: A parallel multi-GPU graph partitioner for distributed-memory systems
Distributed Memory Graph Coloring Algorithms for Multiple GPUs
Scalable, multi-constraint, complex-objective graph partitioning
SPHYNX: Spectral Partitioning for HYbrid aNd aXelerator-enabled systems
A Parallel Graph Algorithm for Detecting Mesh Singularities in Distributed Memory Ice Sheet Simulations
Linear algebra-based triangle counting via fine-grained tasking on heterogeneous environments:(Update on static graph challenge)
Scalable generation of graphs for benchmarking HPC community-detection algorithms
Scalable triangle counting on distributed-memory systems
Fast triangle counting using cilk
Distributed graph layout for scalable small-world network analysis
Fast linear algebra-based triangle counting with kokkoskernels
Partitioning trillion-edge graphs in minutes
Complex network partitioning using label propagation
Parallel graph coloring for manycore architectures
High-performance graph analytics on manycore processors
PuLP: Scalable multi-objective multi-constraint partitioning for small-world networks
Scalable matrix computations on large scale-free graphs using 2D graph partitioning
Multithreaded Algorithms for Maximum Matching in Bipartite Graphs