Performance Portable Batched Sparse Linear Solvers
Training-free hyperparameter optimization of neural networks for electronic structures in matter
Parallel graph coloring algorithms for distributed GPU environments
FROSch Preconditioners for Land Ice Simulations of Greenland and Antarctica
Evaluating Spatial Accelerator Architectures with Tiled Matrix-Matrix Multiplication
A Block-Based Triangle Counting Algorithm on Heterogeneous Environments
A survey of numerical methods utilizing mixed precision arithmetic
Accelerating finite-temperature Kohn-Sham density functional theory with deep neural networks
Co-design center for exascale machine learning technologies (ExaLearn)
EXAGRAPH: Graph and combinatorial methods for enabling exascale applications
Kokkos 3: Programming model extensions for the exascale era
Sphynx: A parallel multi-GPU graph partitioner for distributed-memory systems
The Kokkos EcoSystem: Comprehensive Performance Portability For High Performance Computing
An algebraic sparsified nested dissection algorithm using low-rank approximations
Preparing sparse solvers for exascale computing
Scalable asynchronous domain decomposition solvers
Scalable, multi-constraint, complex-objective graph partitioning
A robust hierarchical solver for ill-conditioned systems with applications to ice sheet modeling
Geometric Mapping of Tasks to Processors on Parallel Computers with Mesh or Torus Networks
A distributed-memory hierarchical solver for general sparse linear systems
Ensemble grouping strategies for embedded stochastic collocation methods applied to anisotropic diffusion problems
Multithreaded sparse matrix-matrix multiplication for many-core and GPU architectures
Basker: Parallel sparse LU factorization utilizing hierarchical parallelism and data layouts
A survey of direct methods for sparse linear systems
Complex network partitioning using label propagation
Multi-jagged: A scalable parallel spatial partitioning algorithm
Towards extreme-scale simulations for low mach fluids with second-generation Trilinos
Electrical modeling and simulation for stockpile stewardship
Amesos2 and Belos: Direct and iterative solvers for large sparse linear systems
Algorithm 887: CHOLMOD, supernodal sparse Cholesky factorization and update/downdate